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A new test emergency program - QR codes will help to share medical data
This test using by the california fire department and maybe can make the different between life and death. This QR code will work with a unique barcode that links to a secure personal online health profile.
Iphone QR Code Reader Apps
Here are some QR code readers that you can use on your iPhone, some that are old and some that are new.
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QR Code is a potential in the fight against fake banknotes and counterfeiting
Scientists in the United States have made an invisible version of square modern barcodes using nanoparticles and fluorescent ink to help in the fight against counterfeiting. how this technology works? they found out how to print QR Code with inks that are only visible under laser light
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Special way to use qr code for your business - Meet each other at the bar
"Bottle Message",” QR code tags for beer bottles that let you enter a message for another person to scan and read. After you’ve written something for the person you like, flip over the tag, buy another beer and place the tag over it. Then have it sent to that special someone so they read the message and you can start a conversation. Beer sales at Harry’s Bar doubled after it introduced this new communication tool.
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What is QR Code?
Important information that you need regarding QR Codes or quick response code
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QR Code Readers For iPhone
Now you can find list of QR Code Readers For iPhone, Take a look and strat to generate your own qr code
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Online QR Code - What is the funny little box with all the squiggly lines in it?


Well, I’m glad you asked. That funny little box is the newest way for companies and even individuals to communicate their message simply and quickly. It is called a QR code or Quick Response Code. By using your camera’s QR scanning software you can scan the code and it will take you directly to a specified web-site, e-mail address or even a SMS message.


There are many free QR code readers available for all of the most popular platforms in cell phones. The Android Market features a program called “Barcode Scanner.” It reads not only bar codes but QR codes as well.


Where did QR code technology come from?


QR codes were first introduced in 1994 and were mostly used in the automotive industry to keep track of inventory. Toyota was first to use this and it worked so well that it took off and many other companies began using it.  Individual usage is much newer but non-the-less useful.  Anyone can use (and even create) a QR code.  Products, web-sites, e-mail address and much more are most popular in the private sector of QR code use.


Japan is still the user of QR codes that institutes it on most products and in their factories to track inventory.  The United Kingdom is running a close 2nd and place 7th. in the bar code arena. Other areas of the world are still just beginning to get on the QR bandwagon.  Regardless, you’ll enjoy using your QR scanner once you’ve discovered the world it opens up for you.


As I mentioned earlier there are many free QR code readers available for most cell phones on the market that have cameras built into them. Here are just a few of some that I’ve found.

Apple’s iPhone has a reader called RedLaser but that isn’t the only one available. If you go to the Apple App Store you’ll find a vast listing of programs available.


The Android market also has an abundance of QR reader programs available such as ZXing, one of the more popular.


Although Blackberry is fading in the marketplace there are still millions of people that use them so there are QR code readers available for download on that platform also. Just search for QR Reader in the Blackberry App World and you’ll find what you need I’m sure.


Other Phones on the market are also available. You might have to search a little bit for them but with due diligence you’ll find what you need.




The major problem with QR codes is this…


People simply have no clue yet what a QR code is or what it offers to the general public. When a group of 534 college students were recently surveyed the results indicated that over seventy eight percent of those surveyed had no clue what a QR code even was. It seems that with all the hype when QR codes were introduced the marketers dropped the proverbial business ball and forgot to educate the public about and/or how to use them. Further, they didn’t explain what value the QR code would have for anyone that scanned or used one.


I would suggest to anyone that is considering using a QR code in their marketing program that they teach before selling as it relates to QR codes.  It only makes sense. People are curious about new and exciting things in the world but if you don’t tweak their curiosity and teach them how to use it and explain its value you might as well just stick to those little pay-per-click ads on browsers and let someone else use QR codes. If you’re not willing to take the time to educate your audience then you’ve failed before you have left the starting block.


Online QR code converter:


Reading QR code if you have a smart phone can be extremely easy. There are plenty of QR code reader applications which are available for android and iPhone’s. Using these applications involves taking the smart phone camera and aiming it at the QR code to have the application then decrypt the quick response code and take the data from the barcode. Repeating the same process using just a computer and a web browser can get a little bit more difficult.


The problem is the QR codes that found their way into many forms of advertising as well as many different business cards, websites, magazines and more. Being able to read QR codes will give people access to more content or contact information that can be located within the QR code. In order to get access to this type of data on a computer there are options that you can use. Here are some online QR code readers.


ZXing Decoder: this decoder works by allowing users to very easily upload their own barcodes through file submission or submit the webpage that the QR code is on. By taking a picture of the QR code decoder can then access the data that is on the QR code and display the data through the quick reference. The page is extremely simple and reads QR codes in several different formats. Using Mr. a web browser will allow you to see all of the decoded results on a new tab or new page up of web browser within just a few moments of submitting a code.


MiniQR: this service makes it easy to enter in the URL or snap a picture of a QR code with your WebCam. There is a WebCam support feature on this website that makes it extremely simple to capture QR codes on business cards, print ads and other printed sources so that you can easily reference them later. Similar to the first option you can also upload pictures of a QR code to decode them in a new window or download all of the decoded data in a PDF or Doc file to be read on your desktop.


Online barcode reader: this is another simple  website that lets you upload a QR code in PNG, JPG, GIF, Tiff or BMP and then have the website completely decode the result within the same page. This website is quite simple but will provide you with excellent results. The interface makes it extremely easy upload photos of QR codes and then instantly get the data back just as you would using an application. While it does take a little more time to actually snap the picture, admin_heb/uploaded to the website and then receive the decoded results, the data can all still be read and easily accessed by just about any user with this website.


Keeping these great services in mind will help you if you ever need to decode  quick response codes using a simple web browser reader. Decoding QR codes is not just for people as smart phones and it is possible to access this data using your computer and web browser.




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